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Investigation and Research on the Current Situation of Football Extracurricular Activities and Soccer Clubs in Independent Colleges in Jiangxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.100


Zhou Rui, Chen Huan, Wu Fan

Corresponding Author

Zhou Rui


With the development of society, the state investment in higher education, college education is not only for culture and education, sports is also an indispensable university career. Colleges and universities learn from the form of foreign college sports club to carry out the "student-oriented" concept, which makes full use of university resources, and different forms of college sports reform was carried out .The basic situation of the football in Jiangxi Province and the main dilemma of the development process are investigated in this paper, and the corresponding measures for the main issues are provided, which has practical significance for the development of Jiangxi P independent campus football extracurricular movement. Besides, this paper aims to formulate and implement the level of football in Jiangxi independent college to provide the appropriate theoretical and decision-making reference to the related policies.


Campus football, independent colleges, football club, football extracurricular activities.