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The Empirical Research of Aerobic Endurance Training in Football

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.099


Weiping Xie, Yang Geng

Corresponding Author

Weiping Xie


With the rapid development of our social economy, the competition between countries not only covers aspects of the economic and politic and so on, but also covers the culture, sports, education and so on. Along with our country education system reforming and the deepening of the new curriculum reform and development, people are paying more and more attention to the quality education of college students, to promote college students to get all-round development in morality, intelligence and physique.Related research results show that college students' aerobic endurance training in football training has been popularized and applied gradually, and has played a good result.But the current reality is that our country university students in the process of aerobic training method is simple, and is lack of a systematic, scientific and rigor, in a certain extent, there is no accurate grasp and there exist the special characteristics of soccer program, and the knowledge of how to control the football aerobic training and technical know too little.This paper made a detailed empirical research to this, and it has the certain model function to our country university student soccer the aerobic endurance training of training.


Football sport, aerobic endurance, empirical research, college students.