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Research on Key Elements of Campus Soccer Development Based on Interpretative Structure Model

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.098


Wu Fan, Chen Huan, Zhou Rui

Corresponding Author

Wu Fan


This research arranges and selects the Related Influencing Factors (RIFs) of campus soccer development and analyses the relationships between these factors through literature review method and Expels interview method. Drawing lessons from others’ experience, constructing model for the RIFs of campus Soccer development based on the Interpretative Structural Modeling in system engineering. And using Means~End Chain(MEC) model, the researcher obtains the Key Influencing Factors(KIFs)of campus soccer development which contribute to improve the policy, extent of socialize, executive system, public opinion and educational system of campus soccer. Finally, the focus of this paper is to discuss the lack of campus football socialization problems, and points out the measures to promote the socialization of campus football: actively introduce social capita1.theformation of campus footbal1 assets management companies. and building a campus football match broadcast platform. SO that the parents can take part in the socialize measures of cam pus footbal1.


Campus football, Key influencing factors, Interpretative structural modeling, Means-end chain.