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The Teaching Level Evaluation of Foreign Teachers Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process Method

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.094


Zhang Haolong, Xu Jin

Corresponding Author

Zhang Haolong


Teaching evaluation plays the key role in the process of teaching quality in colleges and universities. This measure is helpful to carry on the omni-directional comprehensive evaluation to improve teaching level. The execution shall act on comprehensive, scientific, objective and systematic indicators. At present, many colleges and universities have hired foreign teachers. Comparatively speaking, the teaching level of foreign teachers at current makes a more significance and the related teaching evaluation is urgently needed to be improved. For foreign teachers in colleges and universities if analytic hierarchy process can be used to complete the teaching evaluation, then more objective evaluation conclusion will be made, and the present situation is helpful to improve comprehensive foreign teachers’ teaching level.


analytic hierarchy process, foreign teachers in universities, teaching level, evaluation method.