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The Comparison Analysis of Compulsory Education Language Curriculum Standard between China and Britain

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.092


Li Xiao

Corresponding Author

Li Xiao


The vocabulary of English relative to character is simpler, easier to write and identify, learn the phonetic alphabet can still reading the new words, so no will to read and write in English curriculum standard request separately, but is decomposed to speaking, reading and writing the sections. Reading aim to identify the glyph knowledge, put forward to grasp words in writing for spelling, writing, grammar structure put forward specific requirements. Language knowledge teaching implementation in the process of the ability training also is the practice in speaking, reading and writing on language knowledge teaching, may be more conducive to the students in the use of language practice. This article through the comparative analysis, the curriculum standards for compulsory education of both Chinese and English speakers was studied.


Compulsory education, Mother tongue, Curriculum standard, Compare.