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Research on the Construction of Development Model Based on the "Internet + Music Education"

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.097


Jie Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jie Zhao


In the “Internet+” context, the combination of information technology and education is the future development trend of China's education industry. Music education is a comprehensive discipline, and how to make full use of Internet technology, establish a new teaching model of music education, and achieve music education reform is the core of this study. The paper takes the status quo of the development of music education as the research background, and combines the knowledge theory of "Internet + music education" to analyze the advantages of Internet technology in the process of music education. Finally, through the three aspects of smart classroom, teaching system, VR real life online course, the development model of "Internet + music education" is discussed.


Internet+, Music Education, Pattern Construction