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Changes in User Needs and Behavior and Analysis of Library Service Ability

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.096


Jianfei Hu

Corresponding Author

Jianfei Hu


User needs are one of the most active and important elements in library work. It is a prerequisite for the existence and development of library information services. User needs determine user behavior and directly affect the content of library information services, becoming a contemporary library. With the inherent drive of development, the ultimate goal of library services is to meet the needs of users. Under the digital network environment, due to the significant changes in the user's information environment, the user's needs presented new features, which in turn brought about changes in the behavior of traditional library information users, and also prompted changes in the service orientation of modern libraries. How to adapt to the development of the situation, pay attention to and meet the new and ever-increasing demands of users, has become a key issue in library service innovation today.


User Needs, Behavior, Library Service Ability