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Research on the Trust Evaluation Mechanism in P2P E-commerce

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.073


Bingwen Yan, Rongrui Yu

Corresponding Author

Bingwen Yan


To solve the P2P E-commerce security problem effectively, on the basis of researching the trust model deeply in the P2P E-commerce, a method based on hash function is proposed to put the node from the trust group into the sub-group in a random. It reduces the risk of collusion attack. When a node provides a malicious service occasionally, it cannot be proved to be a malicious node, and it only needs to be given a warning. Transaction time factors, transaction scales, and transactions number are introduced to calculate the trust value. Penalty item is used to limit node to provide malicious service. It is more accurate to estimate the trust value. The model relies heavily on nodes from the group connected with outside group and the nodes from the same group, and it ensures the performance of the network.


P2P, E-Commerce, Hash Function, Trust Model, Evaluation Mechanism