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Research on Teaching Reform Practice of the Course of Wushu Duan System in Colleges and Universities——Based on the Application of the Theory of “Flip Classroom”

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.068


Huizhen Wan

Corresponding Author

Huizhen Wan


This paper uses literature and action research methods to study the development of martial arts system, the teaching of martial arts system, the nature of flipped classroom and the use of flipped classroom in martial arts course. This paper analyzes the situation of domestic martial arts grade system teaching, and initially tries to use the flipped classroom teaching mode in the martial arts grade system course, and makes a preliminary exploration and discussion on the flipped teaching mode. The results show that the teaching mode of flipped classroom helps to improve students' interest in martial arts. The standardized martial arts system helps to improve the learner's desire to upgrade, and is of great significance to promote Chinese martial arts culture.


Flipped Classroom, Martial Arts System, Practice, Application