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Flipped Classroom: Letting Students Take Control of Their Study

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.066


Yuxian Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yuxian Zhao


All in all, flipped teaching is an effective strategy to improve students’ academic achievements. It strengths are obvious when the learner is highly motivated and interested. It can give better chances to pupils from disadvantaged social, cultural, and economical areas, if they have obtained the skill to operate basic technologies. Salman Khan (2014) states “we can all become better learners; we just need to build our brains in the right way”. So it is important to teach students to gain the ability of self learning, which will bring the best for everyone in the long run. It also requires parents’ supervision when students are not able to self regulate themselves. At the same time, teachers are equally important in a traditional classroom because the power of role models can not be overlooked. Sometimes, children start to be interested in one subject because of their teacher’s attitude. Teachers who express enthusiasm are more likely to keep their students motivated (Mary Dennis (2012)). Most educators tend to believe that education in the future will be more personalized and student led (The U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology (2016)). Teachers, families, and society will need to work together to make this happen.


Teaching Strategy, Flipped Classroom, Self-Regulated Learning, Lifelong Learners