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Organizational Construction of the Classroom Language "Effective and Reasonable"—Take the Classroom Teaching of Sino-foreign Cooperation School as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.064


Tan Yi

Corresponding Author

Tan Yi


Daily course development requires teachers to use texts, language and teaching tools to teach students the knowledge and technology. As an important knowledge information transmission tool, teachers organize and conduct language exchanges in a classroom environment, which plays an important part in promoting classroom teaching in Sino-foreign cooperative schools. At present, teachers' cognitive level of teaching language is not enough. Using of invalid classroom language limits the effect of class classroom teaching. How to use effective classroom language has become the main content of this paper. The development of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools has gone through more than a decade, but from the perspective of theoretical research, the number of related studies is insufficient. Systematic research on the language of the course and the teaching model of the professional curriculum is even rarer. As the cooperation and exchanges between China and foreign countries continue to increase, the requirements for improving the effectiveness of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools are also increasing. In the teaching process, harmonious organization of language is the key. Teachers' good language organization ability directly determines the teaching effect, and good language expression is the basic ability of teachers to enhance teaching quality.


Classroom Language, "Effective and Reasonable", Organizational Construction