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Construction and Innovation of Practical Teaching System of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Independent College from the Perspective of Synergetic Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.062


Yao Xiayuan

Corresponding Author

Yao Xiayuan


The construction and innovation of the ideological and political education teaching system is an effective way to attain the goal of the cultivation of advanced applied talents in independent colleges. The innovative ideological and practical teaching system of independent colleges must adhere to the principle of people-oriented, teaching students in accordance with their aptitudes, and work hard in everyday life, close to majors, integration of production and education, and service in local areas, and highlight the practical characteristics of independent colleges in the practical teaching of ideological and political education. Cooperation education is fully launched. Ideological and political teachers and instructors are front-line ideological workers. Under the challenge of the new situation of national education and the change of students' constitution, the connection and complementarity between the two become more and more important and urgent. The practical teaching of ideological and political education in independent colleges must produce realistic results. It will inevitably require a consensus between the two to reach the concept of consensus, team building, and resource sharing, and promote the normalization of collaborative education to ensure that “Strengthening Moral Education and Cultivating People” are implemented.


Ideological and Political Education, Counselor, Cooperative Education, Independent College, Practice Education