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Overswaying Inner-conflicts Matters in Organizational Settings: Categories, Impacts, Necessities and Strategies of Well-managed Conflicts

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.061


Li Bo, Lina Vyas

Corresponding Author

Li Bo


Conflicts are everywhere in diverse organizational settings which could be influenced a lot by how organizations response to conflicts existing in the process of administration. Productive work outcomes and high efficient employees are one of results of well-managed conflicts, which can starkly reflect whether organizations are capable to handle conflicts well. As to the mentioned above, conflict is a double-edged sword that could harm the benefits of organizations, at same time it probably bring about satisfactions for all of stakeholders in organizations as long as organizations figure out the proper methods. Based on the two-dimensional taxonomy, organizations should consider how to adapt strategies to manage conflicts in order to get to ultimate organizational targets. In addition, crucially, training a quality administrative team plays a tremendously crucial role in pursuing perfection of managing conflicts and of business operation as well as of organizational values.


Conflicts Matters, Necessities, Strategie