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Research on the Effect of College Students' Physique Test under the New "Standards"—Take the example of South China Agricultural University

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.060


Li Mei, Lu Sanmei

Corresponding Author

Li Mei


Through the literature data method, statistical analysis, and random interviews, the test data of the undergraduate students participating in the physical fitness test of South China Agricultural University from 2015 to 2017 were investigated, analyzed, and calculated to try to find out the characteristics and changes of students' physical health under the conditions of combining the students' physical measurement and implementation programs, in order to seek better corresponding strategies and improve students' physical health. The results showed that the students of South China Agricultural University had the best physical function (vital capacity) and the flexibility of physical quality (the sitting body forward flexion) were the best, followed by sprint ability, but the endurance events, the lower limb explosive force (standing long jump) and the male upper limb items (upwards) were poor, especially for the boys' upper limb projects. Under the new standard, the implementation of the school physical examination documents has a great effect on the students' test results, improved the excellent and good proportion, promoted the overall test results of the girls, and the girls' physical behavior was more clear and conscious; the grades of the lower grade students in the school were compared to the high grades. The results of the students are better than those of the boys. The rationality and scientificity of the test policy making direct the students' trends and make the students more active. Based on the problems, the school should strengthen the students' attention to their own physique, improve the measures of the school physical test, and make full use of the combination of information and physical exercise to actively intervene in the students' physical exercise behavior, promote the physical training of the senior students, and establish a related test and exercise Mutual Aid Club.


New "Standard", College Students, Physique Test