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Exploration and Practice of Talent Training in Art Design Major of Higher Vocational College—A Case Study of Visual Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.059


Jiang Ke

Corresponding Author

Jiang Ke


Based on the design and manufacture of visual communication in higher vocational colleges as an example, the industry needs to cultivate talents in art design in higher vocational colleges. Talent cultivation orientation of art design in higher vocational colleges is out of line with market demand, with insufficient curriculum system, teaching content and occupation post demand, the loose combination of production, education, and teaching platform, the lack of resources, weak graduates competency and development ability, and the lack of professional services of local industry. This paper conducts the practice and exploration of training model of humanistic creative talent with strong skills, close to the market, builds the professional school-enterprise development course to train art practice ability, and Communist Party infiltration education personnel in four aspects on visual communication design, and puts forward the implementation strategy, design talents for art and culture studies in higher vocational college of to provide inspiration and reflection.


Higher Vocational Colleges, Art Design, Talent Training Mode