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Adjustment and Analysis of Time Delay in Active Control of Structure Based on Artificial Neural Network

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.057


Li Gang

Corresponding Author

Li Gang


The development of ears is accompanied by the continuous innovation and development of science and technology, especially the development of biotechnology, which greatly improves people's understanding of biotechnology. Artificial neural network is a physical mechanism to simulate the information processing mechanism of human brain. The precursors of artificial intelligence are in preparation. The research on artificial neural network in China is relatively late, but it has made great contributions to the application of artificial neural network. Civil engineering experts have received much attention in recent years. Artificial neural network is suitable for structural analysis, design, detection and structural control. Based on artificial neural network that is commonly used in the development and structure of the control network model, artificial neural network is mainly studied in the time adjustment and analysis in the control of the organization, and its application foreground is prospected.


Artificial Neural Network, Active Control of Structure, Adjustment and Analysis of Time Delay, Research