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The Enlightenment of Developmental Social Policy on Promoting Female College Students' Employment

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.056


Fengxian Yin

Corresponding Author

Fengxian Yin


Since the reform and opening-up, great adjustments have taken place in China's social structural reform. China has entered a period of transition from the era of economic policies to the era of social policies. Therefore, establishing a social policy system that matches with the goal of socialism harmonious society has increasingly become the focus of current social development. Based on the basic connotation of the development-oriented social policy and the principle of social justice, this paper carries out in-depth discussions by analyzing the characteristics of female college students' employment, and puts forward the ways and strategies for promoting female college students' employment under the background of development-oriented social policies in order to realize social harmonious and sustainable development and let more achievements benefit all levels of society.


Developmental Social Policy, Employment of Female College Students, Harmonious Society,