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Holographic Technology Applied in Modern Advertising Design Innovative Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/icemit.2018.050


Gao Tong

Corresponding Author

Gao Tong


The rise of holographic technology is a revolution in modern advertising design. The wave of change has taken shape in many aspects such as structure, form and performance. The technology breaks the traditional advertising design concept and enables audiences to interact in person to feel the shock of super-senses, which is undoubtedly the development of modern advertising design trends and requirements. This paper starts with the development history of holographic technology, takes the combined case of this technology and modern advertisement design as the research background, conducts the omni-directional thinking from the application status, application analysis and application prospect, analyzes and summarizes this technology in simple terms In the modern advertising design application situation, which is forward-looking for the convergence of future holographic technology and modern advertising design.


Holographic Image, Holographic Technology, Modern Advertising Design