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Design and Application of Electronic Information Engineering in Industrial Field

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.115


Shaozhong Hu

Corresponding Author

Shaozhong Hu


With the progress of economic construction, science and technology, the electronic information industry in our country has also developed. Electronic information engineering is a series of analytical and integrated technologies for the information obtained through computers and network technologies. Nowadays, it has penetrated into the research and development applications in various industrial fields, and has played an important role in the progress of enterprises. However, due to the limitations of technologies and time, a lack of experience, uncertainty of market environment and other factors, there are still some defects in electronic information engineering in China. This paper mainly describes the significance of electronic information engineering in the application of modern technology and the problems arising in the development of industry. Besides, this paper also probes into the problem that how electronic information engineering should maintain good situation in order to realize sustainable development.


Electronic information, industrial field, design and application, sustainable development