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Study on the Design and Function of Score Management System of Student Physical Health Test

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.113


Miao Zhong

Corresponding Author

Miao Zhong


Student physical health test is an important part of middle school teaching management and an important indicator of school assessment. Student physical health test has always been a heavy-duty, time-sensitive, error-prone and confidential business. At present, because of the lack of technical means, the management of the physical assessment of middle school students still adopts a pure manual method, which is that the results data of physical measurements is exported into a format. Although this operation is simple, it cannot provide real-time query, subject to the disadvantages of manual management with the inflexible operation and the high error rate. More importantly, there is no way to provide data statistics, performance analysis, and other functions. In order to be able to change this situation, to better meet the needs of school development, and to reduce the work pressure of teachers, it is imminent to integrate seamlessly the national student physical health data reporting software, and to develop a physical health assessment management system suitable for the actual situation of middle school students. Therefore, it is necessary to design and implement a physical assessment score management system for middle school students.


Student physical health test, score management, design and function