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Design of Collection Terminal for CAN Bus Agricultural Temperature Monitoring System Based on VB

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.112


Huihui Tian, Xingda Zhang, Qian Liu

Corresponding Author

Huihui Tian


Aiming at the existing agricultural management, the use of information technology means, and the lack of real-time collection, transmission, management and feedback, based on the design of a VB (Visual Basic) 6 CAN (Controller Area Network, controller area network) bus temperature monitoring system of agricultural data collection terminal, this paper introduces the host computer for the development and use of intelligent CAN node temperature collection terminal design. The terminal is the programming design with the use of VB6.0 software Windows environment, multi node data acquisition, storage, processing, and decision-making interface, mainly in the development environment of temperature acquisition, temperature real-time monitoring, uploaded to the CAN node, and the CAN bus communication parameter configuration. The system has good portability and versatility, and runs well in the agricultural greenhouse environment.


Digital agriculture, upper computer, VB6.0, collection terminal