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Research on Forecasting Model of Ink Printing and Packaging Material

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.111


Jia Wang

Corresponding Author

Jia Wang


The previsualization of fluorescent oil half-tone prints is a key issue in the color imaging landscape. This paper aims to establish a theoretical model for predicting the color rendering of uniform fluorescent ink halftone prints with different concentrations under normal ink infiltration conditions; under the assumption that the ink is a non-scattering medium and the refractive index of the ink is approximately equal to the refractive index of the paper In this paper, the split-length Clapper-Yule spectral reflectance model of the fluorescent ink half-tone images under the penetration of ink was established by using the split-length theory that light was different in the length of the scattering and migration path between the ink and the paper.


Forecasting Model, Ink Printing, Packaging Material