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Numerical Simulation of Internal Flow Field in Solid Rocket Motor with Complex Grain

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2018.019


Yang Yu-long, Zheng Jian

Corresponding Author

Zheng Jian


Solid rocket motor is widely used as power device of rocket weapon, and numerical simulation is an important method in the design process of solid rocket motor. A large aspect ratio solid rocket motor with the combination of simple hole grain and aft slot grain was analyzed in this paper. Numerical simulation of the flow field for 4 moments with k-ε method was carried out to obtain the flow parameters inside the combustion chamber and nozzle. Results shows velocity in the slots is slower than mainstream and vortex exist in the slots and the nozzle, which will strengthen erosive burning of the grain and the ablation in the nozzle.


Solid rocket motor, Complex grain, Numerical simulation.