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Processing and Properties of 316 Stainless Steel Nuclear Grade Experimental Component Made by Additive Manufacturing

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2018.018


Changqing Ye, Xiangyang Peng, Shuo Hou, Guangyao Lu, Jianming Zhou, Zhichao Lyu

Corresponding Author

Changqing Ye


The high precision with arc shape 316 stainless steel apron plate experiment component was fabricated by wire and arc additive manufacturing (WA-AM) technology and its phases, microstructure, mechanical properties at room temperature, and nondestructive detection were investigated. Results showed that there were two phases austenite as matrix and lath shape ferrite distributed in reticular form in the WA-AM 316 component. The mechanical properties from tensile tests exhibited good performance in both UST (580 MPa) and YS (333 MPa) values. Its comprehensive properties are comparable to wrought nuclear industry 316 and exceed the requirements for 316 stainless steels. The overall quality of WA-AM 316 apron plate product detected by nondestructive testing met the nuclear industry requirements of the evaluation standard.


Wire and arc additive manufacturing, 316 austenitic stainless steel, Tensile properties, Vickers hardness.