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Influence of Multi-hole Dislocation Distribution on the Characteristics of Graphite Nanoribbons

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2018.015


Wei Chun, Li Ming , Yao Ming ,Wei Wanhua, Wu Zhengnan

Corresponding Author

Wei Chun


The graphene is a newly emerging material in recent years. The Nobel Prize in physics in 2010 was awarded to the discoverers of graphene, Geim and Novoselov, which aroused the researchers' interest in graphene, making it a most brilliant new star in the field of nano material science. In order to analyze the influence of the multi-space acupoint distribution on the properties of graphite nanometers, the mathematical model of the misdistribution of the multi space acupoint in graphite nanoscale was established by using the nonequilibrium Green function method. The effect of the three hole dislocation distribution on the thermal transport properties in the graphite nanoscale was studied. Finally, the distribution of different types of dislocation was carried out. Test. From the experimental results, the multi-space acupoint error has a certain influence on the thermal transmission characteristics of the graphite nanoscale, and the effect of rotating dislocation is more obvious than that of the shift dislocation, which provides an effective theoretical basis for the design of the thermal transport quantum devices based on the graphite nanometers.


Graphene nanoribbons, Dislocation distribution, Green's function, Heat transfer, Multi-hole.