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Research on Application of Wireless Video Surveillance System in Modern Intelligent Traffic Management

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DOI: 10.25236/i3ca.2017.26


Jiping Ma

Corresponding Author

Jiping Ma


Along with the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent traffic wireless video surveillance system has become an important component in the traffic management system. Based on its advancement and strong ability of prevention, it can further improve the management effect. In addition, thanks to the development of embedded system and image processing technology, wireless video surveillance technology achieves a leap-forward development, able to meet the needs of social development, and conform to the new trend of video surveillance technology, so as to play its practical value. This paper briefly analyzes the software system of wireless video surveillance system in the modern intelligent traffic management, and focuses on the application program and application test, aimed to provide technical researchers more valuable technical advice.


Wireless video surveillance system, Intelligent traffic, Software, Application,Test.