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Application of Profile Control Technology to increase the Degree of Fire Driving in Multi-Layer Oil Reservoirs

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2018.014


Xu Xin

Corresponding Author

Xu Xin


Fire flooding technology is an effective alternative for steam production after steam stimulation and steam flooding in heavy oil reservoirs. With the accelerating development process, various contradictions in the development process of fire flooding are becoming increasingly prominent. There are defects mainly in fire-flooding gas injection wells, inspiratory inhomogeneity, inconsistent firing speeds, and gas production. Aiming at the problems existing in the fire flooding test, the chemical control technology of fire flooding and well drilling was studied. The high temperature profile control agent formulation system for fire flooding gas wells and the high temperature sealant formulation system for fire flooding production wells were developed to form a fire flooding injection system with well control and matching technology. Field application shows that this technology can effectively improve the heterogeneity of reservoirs, block the air channel, expand the volume of fire lines, increase the degree of oil layer utilization, and promote the homogeneous advancement of the fire front in the vertical and horizontal planes, thereby improving the overall development of fire flooding and effect.


Fire flooding, Heavy oil reservoir.