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Seismic Behavior Analysis of Long-span Steel - Concrete Composite Arch Bridges

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2018.011


Yang Shanbo

Corresponding Author

Yang Shanbo


As a kind of common bridge structure in our country, arch bridge is common in Southwest China, but it is also an area prone to earthquakes in the southwestern area. Therefore, the seismic performance of arch bridge is very demanding. Therefore, based on the simple understanding of the structure and construction characteristics of the steel-concrete composite arch bridge, this paper analyzes the seismic performance of the arch-steel-concrete composite arch bridge in terms of the vibration characteristics, seismic response characteristics, ductile seismic capacity of arch bridge, and seismic performance to provide reference for data information.


Sublevel arch bridge, Natural vibration characteristics, Seismic response, Ductile seismic capacity.