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Application Analysis of Structural Vibration Control in Aseismic and Wind Resistant Bridge Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2018.010


Chen Xin

Corresponding Author

Chen Xin


The designer attaches great importance to seismic and wind resistance functions and two intact and independent systems in the design of bridge engineering. It is the most classic application of structural vibration control in two fields. Based on this, this paper takes the structural vibration control as the research object, and analyzes the harm and reason analysis on the vibration of the bridge caused by the earthquake and wind load, and elaborates the measures to reduce the vibration of the bridge from the aspects of anti-collision, vibration isolation and ductility design, from the structural measures, pneumatic measures and mechanical measures in the application of wind resistance and other aspects of the wind resistance measures bridge to avoid risks, protect personal safety and improve the quality of the project.


Structural vibration control, Bridge design, Seismic and wind resistance, Ductility design.