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Research on Welding Repair Process for Large-scale Cast Steel Parts of Marine Diesel Engine

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2018.001


Zhao Zhiqiang, Guo Haijian

Corresponding Author

Zhao Zhiqiang


Marine cast steel parts generally have features such as large cross-section dimensions and complex shapes, hard to repair once damaged. This paper analyzes the cracks and causes of weld cracks commonly found in the welding of large steel castings, takes the repair of diesel cylinders as an example, and analyzes the common welding repair methods for steel castings. The welding repair through the cylinder shows that under the strict control of the welding process, the heterogeneous cold welding repair process is practically applicable to the on-site repair. And cracks may occur in the nickel-based welds after the diesel engine actually operates. The welding repair process should be strictly controlled and appropriate measures should be taken to eliminate the welding residual stress.


Welding repair process, Large-scale cast steel, Residual stress.