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Study on the Cultivation of Toughness Personality of Higher Vocational College Students Based on Positive Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.157


Lu Yang

Corresponding Author

Lu Yang


Positive psychology is a new trend of research in psychology. It uses the comparatively perfect and effective measurement methods and experimental methods in psychology to study the virtues and strength of human beings. Higher vocational college students are in an important period of life, and they need to face major and rapid changes in the aspects of physiology, psychology, and environment, and to withstand the pressure from their academic, interpersonal, emotional and other aspects, especially in the junior year. The personality problems during graduation and employment is called the crisis of life. In addition, the current Chinese society is in a period of economic transition, and these directly affect the development of the tough personality of higher vocational college students.


Positive psychology, Toughness personality, Vocational college students.