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Study on Singing Skills and Teaching Ideas in "July's Prairie"

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.156


Tong Chen, Kuaian Jiang

Corresponding Author

Tong Chen


"July's Prairie" is a beautifully melodic and artistic conception of a flowery soprano work. It is one of the representative works of the composer, Shang Deyi's outstanding artistic songs. The work is full of Xinjiang's ethnic customs and shows the herdsmen's simple and beautiful life. It is widely spread, and the work is also one of the many soprano singers who must sing. As a singer and at the same time university teacher, the writer often sang and taught this work in practical singing and vocal music teaching, with a theoretical and practical understanding and experience of the work. Therefore, when studying this work, this paper focuses on the study of singing skills of the works and the teaching of the works in the vocal music classes. The author believes that to sing good works on the stage, good atmosphere control, solid flower cavity skills and the delicate expression of the internal emotions of the works are the most important three points in the technique of singing good works. In the process of teaching this work, in the vocal music teaching, it is necessary to pay attention to the division of the students' voice and the training of the flower pot skills, helpful for the future singing.


"July's Prairie", Works analysis, Singing skills, Vocal music teaching.