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Role of Min Bao in Creating Public Opinion for the Revolution of 1911

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.153


Zhang Yongxia

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yongxia


As an official organ of Tongmenghui, Min Bao played an important role in creating public opinion for the revolution of 1911. This paper expounds the historical background at that time and how Min Bao created public opinion, and then clarifies why this magazine has had such a wide influence. Through introducing revolution situations and social ideological trends in foreign countries and infusing revolutionary thoughts into the readers, Min Bao inspired revolutionaries to fight for the revolutionary ambitions with the spirit of sacrifice and striving, thus helping them to shape their life value outlooks, form their revolutionary convictions and develop their revolutionary behavior patterns.


Min Bao, The Revolution of 1911, Creation of public opinion.