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Study on College Students' Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurship Consciousness

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.078


Fangjing Li

Corresponding Author

Fangjing Li


Since the new century, the domestic wave of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial research has entered a new stage, entrepreneurial activities have increasingly become the source of innovative economic development, continue to drive high-tech cluster enterprise technology innovation and diffusion. Entrepreneurship and innovation is not only a hot issue of modern economic society, but also an important issue in the study of modern technical economics. The party's 18th report pointed out that "to encourage multi-channel multi-form employment, promote entrepreneurship to promote employment." Modern college students as a special social groups, in higher education and university culture, with professional knowledge and skills and young people themselves Unique spirit of innovation, is the future of the country's major scientific and technological entrepreneurship groups, their entrepreneurial will and entrepreneurial ability of the level of entrepreneurship on the market have a profound impact.


Entrepreneurship Education, Entrepreneurship Consciousness, College Students.