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Research on Problems of College English Intercultural Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.152


Fanjiao Mao

Corresponding Author

Fanjiao Mao


With China’s access to the World Trade Organization, more and more international exchanges are conducive to enhancing China’s overall national strength, which will play an important role in promoting China’s economic integration and diversified development. In modernization construction, English has become the universal language of the world to facilitate frequent exchanges between countries and promote the long-term development of the world economy. In College English teaching, improving the quality of English teaching and promoting the comprehensive development of the overall quality of college students has become the focus of current teaching. Therefore, this paper analyzes the problems existing in cross-cultural teaching of College English and puts forward the countermeasures to strengthen cross-cultural teaching of College English.


English intercultural teaching, College English, Problems and countermeasures.