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Research on Sanda Athletes' Physical Training Methods

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.139


Xiaojun He

Corresponding Author

Xiaojun He


Sanda is a combative freehand athletics project that requires the use of certain skills to overcome opponents. Therefore, athletes must not only master certain offensive, counterattack, and defensive skills, but also have a rather high level of physical fitness. With the development of combat training and individualization of modern Sanda project training, athletes must improve their performance to perform reasonable training. The physical fitness of Sanda athletes refers to their physical ability. Without physical support, we will not be able to be talk about skills. The physical shape, physical skills and athletic qualities together constitute the athlete's physical fitness. The three parts are independent and interconnected, and they restrict each other and promote each other. Each part has an impact on the overall level of athletes. This paper focuses on the physical training methods of Sanda athletes.


Sanda project, Athletes, Physical training.