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The Training Strategy of Image Thinking in Choreographer

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.138


Lixiong Gao

Corresponding Author

Lixiong Gao


Dance is an ancient form of artistic performance with rich connotations and diverse forms. With the continuous development of social civilization, people’s aesthetic consciousness is also constantly improving, and spiritual needs and aesthetic ability have undergone a great deal changes more than before. The corresponding demand for artistic performance is also growing. As an important form of artistic performance, dance must continue to innovate and advance with the times in order to better meet people’s needs for spiritual civilization. Therefore, the requirements for the overall quality of choreographers are getting higher and higher. In dance performances, choreographers must have a strong comprehensive ability to present abstract sensuous concepts through dance performances in order to achieve sympathy with the audience in the spirit level, and ultimately to create dance works with strong artistic charm. This paper mainly discusses the training of image thinking in choreography.


Choreographer, Image thinking, Dance teaching.