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Research on the Application of Multi-sound Viewing on Music Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.135


Yong Zhi

Corresponding Author

Yong Zhi


As a discipline that intersects, blends, and interrelates with other disciplines in music, solfeggio is a required course for music learners and music lovers, as well as a stepping stone for learning music. The practice of solfeggio is present in the learning process of each music discipline. The most important purpose of learning to sing and practice is to lay a solid foundation for their own professional studies and to establish a good inner auditory and musical perception abilities for music majors. As a very important part of this, auditioning is a musical basic and musical skill that every student learning music must have to learn. Improving visual abilities has a very important role in the training of musical elements such as beats, rhythms, pitches, and musical sensations in the course of teaching practice.


Multi-sound viewing, Music teaching, Application.