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Discussion on the Reform of College Chinese Teaching Mode in the New Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.130


Zeng Hua

Corresponding Author

Zeng Hua


The teaching of College Chinese is an important way to cultivate students' humanistic quality and ideological and moral cultivation. It is not only conducive to the comprehensive improvement of students' general quality, but also to the inheritance and development of excellent traditional culture. In the new media era, College Chinese teaching should conform to the development trend of the times and explore new ways of reform and innovation. The first part of this paper expounds the important role of College Chinese and its profound influence. The second part analyzes the problems existing in the process of College Chinese teaching in the new media era, and explores the reasons. Finally, in order to improve the teaching level of College English in China and adapt to the development trend of the new media era, specific innovative measures are put forward for the existing problems.


New media era, College Chinese, Teaching mode reform.