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Research on Teaching Reform of Accounting Computerization Course Based on the Concept of "Flipped Classroom"

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.075


Xia Su

Corresponding Author

Xia Su


With the development of the times, the introduction of new educational ideas and conducive to people's learning related to cultural knowledge, "flip classroom" is a new educational model in recent years, emphasizing the student-centered education activities to expand the students learning perspective, improve learning interest. The traditional accounting computerization curriculum has many deficiencies in the examination, and the new educational model is used in computerized courses to develop new teaching ideas, which will help students understand and master the relevant knowledge theory concepts to a certain extent, the "flip classroom" concept facilitates the reform of computerized accounting courses.


Flip Classroom, Concept, Accounting Computerization, Course Teaching, Teaching Reform.