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On the Influential Factors of “Five Identifications” Education of Ethnic Minority Students

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.119


Zhijun Wu

Corresponding Author

Zhijun Wu


China is a multi-ethnic country with the largest population in the world. According to the latest census data, China’s non-Han population is about 113792211, accounting for 8.41 percent of the total population. Therefore, the study of ethnic minorities has become an important topic in academic circles, and how to make these ethnic minorities with different customs in different regions have a consistent identity with the same motherland has become the focus of academic research. As the future development of minority students in multi-culture is one of the key points, this paper analyzes its development and influential factors through the educational practice of “Five Identifications” of ethnic minority students.


Minority college students, “Five Identifications”, Influential factor.