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The Role Change of College English Teachers under the Network Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.115


Yahui Gao

Corresponding Author

Yahui Gao


As the Internet has been popularized in our country, all walks of life are closely related to it, therefore, the college English teaching is no exception. Under the network environment, the multimedia technology has been widely used in College English teaching, from which teachers and students can get more and more comprehensive learning resources. But it is noteworthy that as the independent learning ability of students has been improved in the university, and the easy access of the network resources, the role of teachers in college English teaching has gradually changed. With the expansion of learning resources, there are many new problems in the teaching of College English in the network environment. As for the teacher's role, its authority is constantly weak. This paper mainly analyzes the role of teachers in College English teaching, and explores how the teacher’s role changes from the traditional role under the network environment.


Network environment, Teacher, College English teaching, Change of the role.