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Research on Striving for “Double First-class”: Possibilities and Challenges of Private Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.112


Zhang Yan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yan


“Double First-class” policy will lead the further development of the private higher education in China, so every private college or university must try itself to be a “Double First-class” school, which is not only the requirement of establishing a good competitive ecological environment of the system of higher education in China, but also the inevitable developmental trend that Chinese private colleges and universities become should be neck to neck with the advanced higher education of other countries. Although there are some factors which are favorable to the “Double First-class” development of the private colleges and universities such as historical condition, political condition, and economic condition, as well as the relative advantageous internal system and the elementary talents cultivation condition, but from the perspectives of the administrative levels and teaching levels of the private colleges and universities, there is still a huge gap between these private schools and the first-class universities, which is mainly reflected in a clear conflict between public welfare of private higher education and the profit-making feature of capital, the relationship between the private colleges and universities and the government which is relative not well, the insufficient resources of running private schools and the relevant supports, the low construction level of the disciplines and majors of the private colleges and universities, and lots of choke points blocking the team building of the teachers in the colleges and universities.


“Double First-class” construction, Private colleges and universities, Challenge.