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The Implementation and Research of Flipped Classroom Teaching of Public Music Courses in Colleges and Universities under the Background of SPOC——Taking the Multicultural Perspective of Western Music as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.110


Chen Jing

Corresponding Author

Chen Jing


In the view of SPOC, the public art course "Multicultural Perspective of Western Music" is combined with the blending learning led by the flipped classroom teaching. The whole process of reform and research is done through "three points and two lines", that is pre-class, in class, after-class and online, offline, pre-school video viewing, online interaction, online testing, teamwork in-class, problem orientation, group discussion, and online feedback after class. Through online self-study, over-the-air thinking, offline classroom teaching mode, deep integration of “Internet + education”, the subversive reconstruction of classroom teaching reform can be realized to uphold the “student-centered” teaching philosophy, optimize the teaching outcome, guide students to “engage in experience”, “active learning”, “displaying harvest”, and “applying income”, and bring new thinking direction for pattern exploration and teaching reform of public art courses.


SPOC, Multicultural Perspective of Western Music, Flipped classroom, Teaching reform.