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Research on the Current Situation and Cultivation of English Learning Motivation of Non - English Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.073


Xue Mei

Corresponding Author

Xue Mei


English is a language discipline, but also a tool discipline, with the current process of globalization, English as a major communication language, combined with years of teaching experience, the impact of student English learning quality and efficiency of many factors. But the most important factor in the quality of students' English learning is learning motivation, but for now, some non-English majors in our country, many students lack the motivation for English learning, the phenomenon of student grade differentiation in class more serious, this phenomenon seriously affected the whole class English teaching process and quality. Therefore, this article analyzes and probes into the present situation and cultivation of non-English majors' English learning motivation, so as to effectively improve the quality and level of English learning in our college students.


Non - English Majors, College Students, English Learning Motivation, Status Quo and Training.