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Application of Interval Fuzzy Multi - objective Strategy Model in Water Resources Optimal Allocation

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DOI: 10.25236/i3ca.2017.25


Min Zhu

Corresponding Author

Min Zhu


Fuzzy multi-objective programming is an important optimization method to solve many complex practical problems. In this work, the applications of fuzzy multi-objective programming modeling for solving the practical problems in regional water resources optimal scheduling are studied. In order to strengthen the planning and management of water resources, the limited water resources are fully and effectively used scientifically. And because of the multi-objective and uncertainties of the regional water resources optimization scheduling problem, this paper adopts the fuzzy multi-objective programming method to deal with this complex practical problem. Based on the fuzzy multi-objective programming technique, the fuzzy multi-objective nonlinear programming model of regional water resources optimal dispatching is established. The multi-objective includes three goals: economic benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit. Then, the establishment and solving steps of the fuzzy multi-objective nonlinear programming model are introduced for the established model. Finally, the proposed scheme is evaluated and sorted. Finally, combined with the actual situation of a city to solve, verify the validity of the model.


Water Resources, Optimal Allocation, Multi-objective Strategy Model, Non-linear programming.