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Research on the Challenge and Countermeasure of MOOC in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.069


Yili Xue

Corresponding Author

Yili Xue


After the implementation of the new curriculum reform, the domestic education industry has undergone tremendous changes and the people's attention to education has reached an unprecedented height. In the new environment of the new curriculum reform, how to reform the teaching mode, how to classify the classroom teaching from the traditional model, and the improvement of the English level has become the problem that many English teachers need to think about. Traditional English teaching model in the new teaching environment also need to make new breakthroughs, the teaching model also needs to be more close to the contemporary university teaching development status quo. The emergence of MOOC is a new teaching model of innovation, is the new learning method of innovation. It can enable students to get more education resources, to achieve the sharing of educational resources, but also to enable students to break the practice and geographical limitations. However, MOOC in the study for the convenience of English, but also to the English teaching has brought new challenges. How to correctly understand the MOOC, how to grasp the opportunities and challenges brought about by how to solve the plight of the situation is that we need to think carefully. According to the relevant information, combined with their own experience, the challenges brought about by the MOOC discussion, and give a preliminary solution.


MOOC, English Teaching, Challenge.