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Analysis of the Inheritance and Development of the Original Ecological Dance in China -Research Special Project of Research Service Base of Heilongjiang Provincial Education

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.038


Li Jingbo, Cong Yongzhu

Corresponding Author

Li Jingbo


Culture cannot be achieved by any other historical component. In culture,there is also an unusual star, dance. "Dance" draws from "music" by means of "dance". "Music" is a comprehensive art form, reflecting the deeper social value of national spirit and the psychological structure of social culture. Researching and developing traditional dance has become a great task for the dance researchers and performers. This paper hopes to find out the experience that traditional dance can learn from inheritance and development through the analysis of traditional dance. However, it shall been clearly seen that, although more and more original ecological arts have come out of the gully and appear on the major literary and artistic platforms, the rapid development of modern civilization has also made the original ecological art assimilated and alienated, and the wheel of history is "crushed to dust" by the wheel of history. How many children remember the beautiful legend? The problem is becoming more and more urgent and action is imperative. More effective measures shall be taken to protect the original ecological culture, contribute more effective protection methods, and try to save and preserve the original ecological culture of the folk.


Original ecological dance, Inheritance.