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The Reference of Beijing Opera to the Teaching of Vocal Music in Colleges and Universities——On the Reform and Innovation of Vocal Music Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.036


Fan Qiuyue

Corresponding Author

Fan Qiuyue


The two most basic elements in vocal music singing are technology and individuality. The problem of the singing technology and individuality is a hot topic in recent years in Chinese vocal music circles. Through research, it is easy to see that singing skills and individuality are complementary to each other. Technology is an important condition for supporting individuality, and individuality is the eternal pursuit of vocal music. The national character is an important character of vocal music art. It is a sacred mission to raise the humanistic spirit and inherit the culture. In the teaching of vocal music, it should be local and grounded as much as possible, and continue to reform and innovate in the protection, inheritance and promotion of Chinese music culture.


Vocal music art, Technology, Individuality, Vocal music teaching in colleges and universities.