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Comparative Study of Sino-Japanese Folk Culture and Children's Education

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.066


Qin Wang

Corresponding Author

Qin Wang


Folklore is a special cultural context, with national and regional features. Comparing the status quo of Chinese and Japanese folk culture in children's education, we can better find the ways and means of perfecting the value of folk culture education. In the process of the development of folk culture, we should cultivate the consciousness of children's participation, pay attention to the consciousness of children's local culture consciousness, and incorporate the folk culture with local characteristics into the primary and secondary school classroom, and can not ignore the excellent publicity works such as excellent film and television works and children's books. Learn from the Japanese animation culture propaganda model, so as to re-examine their own and local culture, to achieve its educational function optimization.


Folk Culture, Children's Education, Sino-Japanese Comparison.